The Double D – Worms.

strength has strangled
visions of the fallen,
i wasn’t there when you
spilled the last gasp
upon the shoulders of
those who knew you best.
i desperately wanted to cry
for the death of a self that
just will not die.


I stab it with discipline,
to the last it doth bleed,
I choke it with truth,
it gasps and it heaves!
I summoned my guards
and begged to be freed
I even asked kindly of fear
to concede.
oh! how I wish!
how I hope and I pray!
to be cold as a fist
and hot as the day,
to be full as a weight
with the ends of an


alas, mine is colorless
hollow and grey
faint as the bound between shadow and stone,
barren as she who cannot bear life on her own.
emotionally sickened and stricken by grief
kneeling bedside, i cried for a dying belief…


…knowing there will never be
another you.


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