The Double D – 11/3/31

Which direction?  Up or down?  Safe or sorry?  Is there anything I can’t walk away from?  Any edit I cannot ‘Apple-Z’?  Should that stop me from pushing through doubt and the unknown?


What if what is waiting on the other side is too big, too much?  What if I’m not worthy?  Can I live with myself?  Can I handle being wrong, feeling small, not just losing but the pain of loss?  For some people these are debilitating thoughts.  They never set foot out of a cage in their minds for fear of the unknown.  Chickens who never get to the other side and no one will ever ask what happened when they tried to cross, because they never did try.


Fear of failure is a huge discomfort.  It settles and sniffs my bones while I sleep and is anxiously breathing down my neck when I wake up. Right now outside my window, it sounds like there is a huge faucet dripping into a full water basin…torturing and taunting me to get on with my life and make something, or shut the front door.


This blog will not always have a set structure.  This blog will not always be something fun and exciting to read or write.  The sole purpose of this blog is to expunge FEAR.  Fear of whatever happens to breed even the faintest whiff of discomfort anywhere in my bloodstream.


CHOICE:  Finish the book.  Go all out.  Spare no expense and take no prisoners.  The only illusion in life, is failure in life.  To be alive is simply a remarkable blessing all on it’s own.  Don’t cry for the baby who dies before it takes it’s first step.  Be grateful it found it’s way here to teach you a simple lesson:

You got feet?

Keep walkin’.


“The Daily Discomfort” (or Double D) is a new series of daily reflections by Josh Kane, co-host of ‘The Shaman And The Rockstar’ podcast.

‘The Double D’ is all about keeping it real with discomfort and moving through any and all blocks to happiness.

“If you want to find a solution, stop hiding from the problem.” ~rckstr



  1. Uhhuhherfan75 says:

    I think this is beautiful written and very honest and open, a lot of people find it hard to face up to their fears or to do anything about then, I know I do, I have faced up to a lot of fears in the last couple of years in my daily life and have got through them, I wish the best for you in your future goal 🙂

  2. k1c4admin says:

    Thanks UHHF75!! I wish the best for you too.

    (but you already knew that 😉

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