‘The Double D’ – 10/31/13


Physical and emotional attraction to people, places and material things is today’s discomfort.  I remind myself to let go of whatever beliefs I still carry in my personality in hopes of clearing a path for spirit to guide me.

Guide me where?

This is where the line between imagination and fantasy gets blurred.  Confusion, sadness and frustration seep in and my ego encourages me to do SOMETHING.  ANYTHING!!!  Just avoid this feeling of need and uncertainty.

Process:  Identify whatever I am fantasizing about and fire questions at it, noticing the quality of questions.  Do my best to avoid asking questions that have a negative pre-supposition.  Negative pre-supposition means that the question itself implies having a negative answer.  For example, “Will I suck at meditating?”  Some part of my brain will always say, “YES!!  You will!!”  Instead, if I ask, “How can meditating benefit me today?” It implies that there IS a benefit to meditation and encourages me to do so.  Then, I go to my heart and ask spirit, “What can I do right now instead of fantasizing that uses my imagination in service of my life’s purpose?”.  I wait for an answer or a message, and when it comes from the heart, trust it and follow through.

Reminder:  Wanting more or thinking there is some answer beyond what the universe will choose to provide for me is a useless fantasy, pulling me out of the present moment and into a cycle of suffering.  Spirit has my back, so be grateful for what I have and leave the rest for others to enjoy.

Affirmation:  Right now, I am enough.

Random Thoughts:  New Hobby: Reading novels.  Also, youtube has lots of free movies.  I’m happy I renewed my library card today and met the nice woman who works there.  Happy Halloween!!!


“The Daily Discomfort” (or Double D) is a new series of daily reflections by Josh Kane, co-host of ‘The Shaman And The Rockstar’ podcast.

‘The Double D’ is all about keeping it real with discomfort and moving through any and all blocks to happiness.

“If you want to find a solution, stop hiding from the problem.” ~rckstr




  1. Hello, I check your blogs daily. Your story-telling style is awesome,
    keep up the good work!

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