“The Double D” – 10/30/13

Here’s a little fact for ya’:

My outer discomfort mirrors my inner discomfort.

On days when I’m sad, frustrated, angry or confused and have trouble finding an outer direction for those emotions to fly in, the only place left to search is inward for their origins.

Today, frustration with old habits is my discomfort.

Process: Journaling my thoughts, no matter how trivial. Listening to dance music. Avoiding sharing my thoughts and feelings with everyone who comes along and/or reaching out to people who I could tell my story to. It’s hard enough to re-write my own story without someone else’s interpretation of it thrown in the mix. Finally, discontinue the use of language that promotes and re-enforces the negative cycle and ask some new questions that point me towards the comfort of my achievements, no matter how great or small they are.

Reminder: All that I am open to receive, no matter how big or small, is water on the seeds of happiness and contentment.

Affirmation: Thank you for the good, the bad and the absolutely hideous! I choose Yes, I choose New, I choose NOW.

Random thoughts: Have to pay my internet bill. That will feel good. Also, I paid $270 dollars in parking tickets yesterday and even though it was tough to part with the money, I’m happy to have the expense off my plate.

“The Daily Discomfort” (or Double D) is a new series of daily reflections by Josh Kane, co-host of ‘The Shaman And The Rockstar’ podcast.

‘The Double D’ is all about keeping it real with discomfort and moving through any and all blocks to happiness.

“If you want to find a solution, stop hiding from the problem.” ~rckstr


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