Episode 41: Labeling

Labeling is an interesting thing to watch. Before we make sense of something, categorise, prioritise and assign importance or meaning to things we label them.

Todays show is just a short meditation that lets you notice how we tend to label. You’ll have a chance to spend some time seeing the world without labels. Just seeing what is.
Label free meditation and seeing the labeling process has been profound for me.
How does it feel for you?

This episode features music from Josh Kane.
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Episode 38: Communication

Thanks for coming along for this week’s show.
Expanding on last week’s Listening show, this week we expand out to all communication.

Communication is key to so many aspects of our lives. It’s the way we relate to the world around us as well as how we relate to ourselves.

It was just me, Ian speaking in this one but the following people contributed to the content.
Thanks guys!

This episode features music and insights from Josh Kane.
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Thank you very much to contributions from:
Deva Veronica and Dawn DancingOtter

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Kundalini Yoga Meditations:

LA667: Observing the masks we wear

Clear Communication Meditation

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Episode 35: Justice

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s discussion on Justice, meditation, truth and peace of mind.

We hope this provides valuable, relevant insight for you to take into your practice of mindfulness and conscious living.

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