Episode 42: Totem Animals

The meanings and teachings in Animals are a key part of many cultures all around the world.

Totem Animals can come to us in many ways: While walking in the park, while meditating, in visioning Ceremony and in dreams. The ways they can appear are endless.

Spirit speaks to us in everything and a common language for that speech is in Totems.
Today Ian shares his insights and the insights from some friends at Facebooks Shamanic Community.

This episode features music from Josh Kane and drumming with Ian Peric and the “Unconditional Love” drum.
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Episode 15: Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a common side effect of meditation. Is it caused by being more aware, focused intention, divine guidance or just coincidence?
We talk about how synchronicity has effected our lives and things we do to nurture and cultivate synchronicity.

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Enjoy the show.


Episode 11: Sound, Music and Vibration

All things move in rhythm, and we live in a vibrational reality.  This episode talks about the joy of music as both a healer and a mirror for how we experience consciousness.

Ian is in Pewsy and Josh is in LA, and this week’s meditation is led by Josh with Ian keeping time on “The Unconditional Love Drum”.  It’s a recipe for bliss, my friends.

Cheers to all the nations, great and small, and thank you to Gavin Degraw, Snoop Dogg and Augustana for adding some love to our show with your awesome tunes!

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