Episode 40: Surrender

Surrender, that’s surrendering to now as it is and as it constantly continues to change.
As now twists, shifts, splits, adapts and flows. Constantly moving and remaining now.
In this state of surrender we’re centered and clear, able to act with an open heart… or not.
Surrender is allowing ourselves to be at peace… now.

This episode features music and insights from Josh Kane and the Luminaries.
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Meditation Practices
I couldn’t find an online version of the meditation I mentioned so guess what… Surrender. This is another one using a similar mantra: Meditation for keeping up with the times


Episode 23: Observing Now

Looking at, accepting and loving this moment is key to living in inner peace.

This week is a solo Shaman show, so it’s focused on a meditation practice.
It’s one of the deepest and most powerful that I use: Observing what is in the moment.

You can use this awareness of perspective and embracing of experience to cultivate more and more peace in your daily life. With practice, observing the details of now can lead to living your days at peace with and honouring the waves of emotion moving through the body.

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Josh and I will be back next week with a show on handy meditation tools.

Have a wonderful festive season and enjoy the show.


Episode 12: Witnessing

Hey there beautiful people of Earth!  This week’s episode of TSATR is an oldie but a goodie.  Josh and Ian first began their work together last December with this recorded conversation on Witnessing.  We hope you find it as interesting and enjoyable to listen to as we did in making it!

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