Episode 39: Silence

Practicing silence can range from a silent retreat to no TV while eating.
How does your silence look?

It’s normal to be triggered by silence. It gives us the clarity to see our most subtle comforts and discomforts.
Silence is a sensitive and often vulnerable place. Be gentle on yourself and do what’s right for you right now… That may be different tomorrow.

This episode features music and insights from Josh Kane.
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Meditation Practices
There are infinite tools for practicing silence, these are a few you might like:

  • Time alone in nature (let people know where you’ll be if it’s remote).
  • Blocking time for a silence practice or a silence retreat.
  • Use a pad and paper to communicate or write ideas down. Writing something down can let your mind release rather than try to remember or further explore it.
  • If a thought comes up when I’m practicing complete mental silence, I often come back to feeling the vibration of life in my hands or my heart. Any other present moment anchor like the breath, sound or touch works too.
  • Mentally or verbally reciting a simple mantra like “Sat Nam” or “So Hum” can help to silence the mind.
  • A super SUPER powerful meditation practice for profound silence. It’s worth checking out your local Kundalini Yoga class: So Darshan Chakra Kriya


Stories can be useful.
Stories can be distracting.
A practice can be healing.
A practice can cloud the depth of now.

Breaking things down and going on quests can be beneficial to a point.
This can all be done in a natural flow, a free fall letting go without attachment to even the let go itself.

In honour of the “let go” we’re letting go of sharing a show this week.
We love you and thank you for being yourself now.

“Being exactly who you are requires neither practice or effort.”



Episode 3: Choose Yes!

THIS WEEK the talented and wise Angela Ai is our featured guest, sharing with us the tools for making healthier, more authentic choices. Angela shares her beautiful musical talent with us as well!

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Warning: this podcast contains adult language and content, listener discretion is advised.

Angela Ai

Angela Ai:
Singer/Songwriter/Actress and Workshop facilitator.

Angela Ai is a Radical Aliveness / Core energetics certified practitioner.

She runs life-changing artist workshops, artist groups and one-on-one sessions in and around the LA area.

Her specialty is helping blocked artists shine. If that’s you, check out her website:

Thank you for sharing so deeply and dropping so much profound wisdom. We love you Angela Ai !

We do a guided meditation designed to deepen awareness. Please, no driving or heavy machinery during this!
We “check in” together and share how we feel today and dive into choice.