Stories can be useful.
Stories can be distracting.
A practice can be healing.
A practice can cloud the depth of now.

Breaking things down and going on quests can be beneficial to a point.
This can all be done in a natural flow, a free fall letting go without attachment to even the let go itself.

In honour of the “let go” we’re letting go of sharing a show this week.
We love you and thank you for being yourself now.

“Being exactly who you are requires neither practice or effort.”



Episode 7: The Natural Laws with Chief Golden Light Eagle

Today, we talk with Chief Golden Light Eagle about the Laws of Nature.

Chief talks about the meaning of integrity and living in harmony with universal and spiritual laws of nature. When these laws are crossed, discomfort comes…bummer!!! 🙂

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Enjoy the show!

Warning: This podcast contains adult language and content. Listener discretion is advised.