Episode 7: The Natural Laws with Chief Golden Light Eagle

Today, we talk with Chief Golden Light Eagle about the Laws of Nature.

Chief talks about the meaning of integrity and living in harmony with universal and spiritual laws of nature. When these laws are crossed, discomfort comes…bummer!!! 🙂

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Warning: This podcast contains adult language and content. Listener discretion is advised.


Episode 4: Creation Nation

Welcome back!

This week’s episode delves into the Native American perspective on creation. According to these teachings, each aspect of life is honored as being part of a nation (Stone nation, Star nation, Standing nation, etc.). These nations are like cousins and are all interrelated.

We also discuss the fundamental change that happens when we look for divinity in everything we interact with. Divinity in every moment of life.

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Warning: this podcast contains adult language and content, listener discretion is advised.

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Click here to learn how this week’s meditation applies to asking permission, making an offering and actually connecting with members of any nation.

Practice tips:

Take a minute to be still and contemplate your connection with a stone, tree or animal. Just share the experience and allow the connection/being to speak for itself.

Honestly ask: Who am I? Where have I been? Where am I going?

Shape-shifting meditation: Where you embody a member of another nation.

Ask: What keeps this heart beating? Who is listening to this sound? Who is observing this thought? Where did this thought come from?

These exercises deepen the practice of feeling compassion for life’s challenges. Do your best to see things from the other’s perspective and understand his/her/it’s suffering.

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The Time Travel Mart: A store selling futuristic art products that are created by the 826 youth empowerment program. They have 4 locations in LA and are doing fantastic work. If you want to help email

Bicycle kitchen: A non-profit organization for cyclists to help keep their bikes on the road, on a budget.

Chief Golden Light Eagle and The Star Knowledge Conference: [Chief] has done so much work to remove all of the barriers to his intuition. The things that he says truly come from the depths of his heart. ~ Rckstr
This annual conference brings ancient Native wisdom of the Earth and Star Nations to the people of Palm Springs. Online streaming passes also available via their website:

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Raise The Vibration (RTV): with Nicole Duran. Based in Phoenix, AZ, Nicole and her team are doing lots of service work to help raise the vibration of global consciousness.

La Pila: Workshops, retreats, meditation and personal growth.

Show summary:

Our past may be a factor in the next time we act, but that’s for then. What happened happened, and it was a beautiful teacher. ~ Shmn

There is a single thread of consciousness, or life spark, connecting the relations of all nations.

All manifestations of creation are part of a nation. They are all ‘Tunkasila’, or God.
We are eternal entities serving lifetimes as members of all nations.

What keeps your heart beating? ~ Rckstr

I see myself as being one interconnected energy system which is part of everything. ~ Shmn

Bobby Running Fox has a great shape-shifting meditation designed to guide you into embodied connection with beings of all nations.

Feeling all the changed attributes of being in an animal, in detail, is amazing; how we get right into it. The emotions, focus and intentions are different.
If you can fully embody the experience of other nations it can help you to take intuition from them. They will speak as them, they won’t speak as a human. ~ Shmn

The lesson of humility and generosity in the millions of spirits that are sitting here, even as the tiniest grain of sand…so that WE can approach the ocean. ~ Rckstr

New animals come through all the time depending on what is needed. Spirit speaks to us through creation! We are all part of creation. If creator was going to speak to you, how would it speak? ~ Shmn

If a coyote crosses your path, it may be spirit telling you we have a joker or a trickster here. We may see some curveballs internally and/or externally.

Thanks! All I really needed was for you to put me on the path of my own intuition. ~ Rckstr

Fattening up the negative is a common thing in society.
Try taking a diet from these habits…take a diet from these emotions.
Stop listening to people who are telling you your problem can be solved by a pill. ~ Rckstr

Rigid “One size fits all” systems are not realistic for maximum effectiveness. Everyone is unique and the core of the issue is usually deeper than the symptoms. ~ Shmn

I don’t believe anyone is broken. ~ Shmn

We don’t need to make ourselves feel good or bad about it to recognise the teacher in conflict. ~ Rckstr

Spirit Doesn’t make mistakes.
Spirit’s got your back.
Spirit’s got a sense of humor.
~ Shmn

WE don’t make mistakes.
WE’VE got each other’s backs.
And WE have a sense of humor.
~ Rckstr

You might read something in a book about what an animal means. You don’t need the book. Just check in to feel the details of the animal and it’s intention. What colours where there? What did the ground feel like to it? How did it move? Was it showing you a message? Were there any emotions, tastes or smells that came with it? ~ Shmn

Delve into your intuition and trust that. ~ Shmn

Who am I?
Where have I been?
Where am I going?
This lets you stay present with what you are doing.
~ Rckstr

It’s interesting to see the actual stimulus and what you feel in your body. How much of it is a creation and how much is what you chose to create? How much of it is based on truth? ~ Shmn

Why all these weeks? Why not choose unconditional love life? ~ Chief

That is a great point! The main reason for shifting focus helps you to get new enthusiasm with new focus and tools. It also allows you to practically apply things in different ways. All the weeks feed off each other. ~ Shmn

The animal that I had visions of but had never seen before was the Ankole-Watusi.

We live with stress about little things like water filters. Some people have much more environmental stress. We are all connected, and we all feel this. If we keep hurting each other over it, we are not helping each other to relax and then we just learn hurt. We build a perception that we are there to hurt each other and this is a chosen habit. If YOU can see it, and THEY don’t, whose responsibility is it to let it go?

What you feel is what you are manifesting. ~ Shmn

You’ve got to be in pain to inflict pain ~ Shmn

I don’t care what colour you are, what religion you are, or where you come from. I just want people to be happy and stop killing each other. ~ Rckstr

I trust the perfection in all of it. All I can do is try to help now ~ Shmn

If you don’t see God in all, you don’t see God at all. ~ Yogi Bhajan

Lets make a year of peace happen!
Please, share your ideas on how to get there. Please, share your stories of promoting peace, acceptance and unconditional love.

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Mitakuye Oyasin, we are all one, we are all family …… Creation Nation!

Featuring: Original compositions by Josh Kane