Episode 30: The Dance – Movement Meditation – Part 1 of 4

This is the first of another four part series focusing on Movement Meditation.

Enjoy this week’s discussion, and walk well in awareness.  Check us out on iTunes and on Facebook/Twitter @shaman_rocks

Dance, Dance, DANCE!!!

To visit the Awesome Melbourne Tao Centre we talked about contact Pete on: 0419 348 992

Music for this week’s episode is the work of our resident Rockstar Josh Kane.


Episode 12: Witnessing

Hey there beautiful people of Earth!  This week’s episode of TSATR is an oldie but a goodie.  Josh and Ian first began their work together last December with this recorded conversation on Witnessing.  We hope you find it as interesting and enjoyable to listen to as we did in making it!

Please feel free to leave a comment or share your experience with Witnessing, visit us on twitter and facebook to see what we’re up to right now.






Episode 1: Truth is!

Welcome to the Shaman and the Rockstar podcast!!  In our first episode “Truth Is!”, Ian Peric (The Shaman) and Josh Kane (The Rockstar) talk about truth in their own unique and candid way, drawing wisdom from their own life experience. 

Warning: this podcast contains adult language and content, listener discretion is advised.


In this show we have a brief guided meditation designed to relax the mind and ease un-wanted tension. (No driving or heavy machinery during this!)

We “check in” to share how we feel today and then dive straight into truth!

In this episode of the show, Ian and Josh talk about:

  • What is truth?
  • What isn’t?
  • What is meditation?
  • Speaking and living your truth.
  • Kids and living in the now.
  • Habit management and doing what works for you.
  • Ian’s path to spirituality (Organic food and Rumi.  Ian called this ‘an atom bomb in a candy wrapper’).
  • Ian’s new book, ’13 Weeks to Awakening’.
  • The Re Man Shabad.
  • Josh shares his experiences from “STEADY”, a marathon drumming practice with DJ’s, live artists and dancers in Los Angeles.
  • “It’s not happening now, what is happening now is now now, not then now, not soon to be now, it’s now now, and there’s a choice!” – The Rockstar
  • “Whether you like it or not, awareness is coming!” – The Rockstar
  • You don’t need need to know what the painting is going to look like, you just need to dip your brush and start.
  • Incase you were wondering, this is Obrez.


Esalen Institute:

The place we started doing check ins at is the Esalen institute. This is actually where we first met. Check out this magical place at:


13 Weeks to Awakening:

This book is a practical guide to using consistent focus, on one area of spirituality at a time (Presence, Empowerment, Unconditional Love etc).

It has many tools that you can apply to your daily life, in your own unique way. This program is about experiencing powerful changes, fast.


Re Man Shabad:

Details about the Re Man shabad can be found at:

For information on Re Man shabad retreats with the phenomenal Guru Dev Singh Khalsa, go to:

Note: This Re Man Shabad is an advanced meditative practice. We recommend you begin with a regular meditation practice and progress from there. A program like 13 Weeks to Awakening, Kundalini Yoga and/or your local meditation group can be a great starting point.


The Shaman, sharing his practice of the Re Man shabad:

Music for this week’s episode provided by:

Josh Kane ( and DaElementz (  <–Download his album for FREE!!!!!!

Meditation tips:

  • Things come up to be processed during meditation.
  • In many cases, you are not just sitting there doing nothing during meditation.  You are experiencing your thoughts, emotions and sensations fully.
  • There are many types of meditation to choose from, we recommend you do what feels right to you.
  • You can’t do it wrong. To use Josh’s analogy, “dip your brush, start painting and see what happens”.
  • Ask yourself: “When was the first time a recurring issue or habit came up?”  Be gentle with yourself.
  • Finding a powerful emotion and sitting with it can be a valuable meditation practice.
  • People often distract themselves from discomforts. Meditation lets you explore your feelings rather than run from them. Sitting silently “in” the emotion and giving it space to move is a great first step to releasing any fear or anxiety tied to your experience.
  • Stay with what is now.  Presence now, that is truth.


We are doing these shows from opposite ends of the pond and still and getting to know these tools. Bear with us, we are learning as we go. 🙂

Speak your truth, we would love to hear your comments!