Episode 29: Creation, Part 2 (featuring Lydia Kan)

Welcome everyone!

This weeks episode focuses on creation, manifestation and realization.

Our guest is global executive coach Lydia Kan.

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Episode 28: Yogis In Politics

Many people feel they are victims and have no power. The global crisis of politics, government and leadership has a lot of people scratching their heads, saying “We want change, we know that it’s possible. Can it be done with the systems in place, or do we need to start all over?”

Given the nature of our global epidemic, it’s our feeling that we have a great system in place, now what we need are the people with the ability to run it. Mindfully, skilfully, compassionately, with consciousness of the nature of stories and active listening. The best candidates, we feel, are yogis.
When we say “yogi” that includes Shamans, Monks or any other spiritual practitioner.

There are many historical examples of yogis in leadership positions and it’s starting to become more common again.

In addition to being incorruptible, these “yogi’s” can honestly love all people.
Focused on solutions that love everyone rather than getting locked into blame and political posturing.
They are focused on one thing, serving the community as a whole and that includes EVERYONE.
They will say what they believe is true, regardless of personal beliefs

It’s selfless service combined with genuine caring!

If you’re in the police force, army or a citizen with an opinion, send us a message about how you feel on the topic.

Note: I have plenty of happy friends in London, I was living there and struggling before I had a practice and knew who I am.

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Episode 26: Choice Part 2

Each moment, each change and each transition through phases is all birth and death in the moment. infinite, perfect, now.

You CHOOSE!!!!  Conscious choices, conscious words, conscious gifts of self.  Let it always be a beginning, let now be the time to speak and do.

I don’t know why I need to be here doing this but I do for NOW. The next moment is my choice.

It’s all a choice. Are you working on what you want or the block? Watching these temptations to shrink or shine, watching the thought patterns to their ends and letting them pass on in peace.

Are you ok to gently receive the core of your emotions?

Take it slow, breathe deep and smile.  It’s all going to be fine.

These tools can help you see proof that your choices can make a clear difference in your life: