M-2-M – 2013/Nov/09

Affirmation for the day: I am clear, succinct and loving in my communication.

Today I have the honour of signing books and sharing meditation with the beautiful people at Qi Crystals. The whole street feels like a blossoming flower of love with lots of high vibe cafes, yoga studios and at the heart of it all is Qi.

Qi is not just a crystal and book shop, it has a perfect balance of content and accessibility. A community hub and sea of sacred medicines packed into one little shop!

The signing is a 3 hour practical meditation workshop that’s been split into bite sized chunks. People can come and go as they please and the staff are talking about the event as they greet customers. A steady stream of shoppers come for their sit and share. The main focus is awareness, just being conscious of your experience in this moment. Each practice is tailored to the current group. It’s great to hear the insights and share with all these brilliant beings. The Melbourne new-age community is strong!

I got a great question today: “Given that I see us all as one, how do I feel about people wanting to protect their boundaries?”

Shaman Says: We all have unique perspectives and I honour everyone’s beliefs. If you believe it, it’s true for you. I personally see separation as an illusion of perception, like a wave thinking it’s separate from the ocean. If people want to try and close doors to others, that’s their choice. I find resistance rather painful, though I do use discernment when focused attention is needed. The lines of separateness blur in every interaction. When sharing a smile we feel each other, and hence cross boundaries. Our body’s energy systems become intertwined with even the most fleeting contact. I have compassion for people who believe they’re isolated. I felt the same way in the past, and that was perfect at the time.

The Main Point: The most powerful form of protection is love <3

I feel bubbly and vibrant, my heart is open as I head back to my sisters house. A lady at the railway station is distressed about which train to catch. With a smile and heart connection I find the timetable and show her which train she wants. We have quite a deep chat about some of the phases we’ve gone through and how we live and feel now. On leaving the train I search my pockets, I’ve somehow lost my metro card and began to walk the five kilometres home, thinking I’ll find a card shop on the way and then catch a bus.

The Re Man shabad starts to play in my head, slowly winding up from a whisper. Is it a coincidence that in the week we record a “truth” episode, the absolute presence and clear seeing shabad makes an appearance? I feel it building coordination and subtle sensitivity. An experiential awareness of our connection and inherent unity. I pass a ticket shop and decided to skip it. Chant-walking the next hour feels right. The trees, people and environment all feel different, the moment is loud! I feel like a wave knowing its connection and unity with the ocean. The borders a blurred and my heart is open.
Thank Us!



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