M-2-M – 2013/Nov/07

It’s Oaks day in Melbourne and my sister and I are smiling and laughing on our way to my first day at the races. There are men in suits and ladies in bright, striking and flamboyantly cut dresses. Fascinators and hats with feathers and frills are everywhere.

My practice for the day is to “drink it all”. I don’t plan to touch alcohol though I will be drinking in the whole experience. I open to all the senses and allow that to be what it is.

This is a day when people of all walks of life come together to pamper themselves while sharing all that comes from betting and following horses. The smells of cologne and perfume are strong. Food, wine and beer are in abundance and people are standing proud in their Sunday best. I notice how some peoples perception of themselves changes when they put some effort into their appearance. Deep truths can be found in exploring that shift.

The horses are clean and hardly smell, they are dignified, strong and a powerful totem. I’m not a horse expert, but I feel their tension and they seemed rather stressed. Some are kicking out at the walls and others pinning themselves into a corner. Are there “virtual” horse racing events that have similar celebrations and community bonding without needing live hoses? I’d love to get involved with that… at this point it’s a fantasy, so I’ll get back to the spectacle at hand.

While engaging with people and the event, I’m aware of being a wide open observer and taking in the ocean of constantly moving dynamics. People start vibrant and engaged, showing off outfits and easing into the day. As the alcohol intake rises, the rooms gets louder and people start to fumble and stumble. By the end inhibitions loosen, some lashing out with amplified emotions while others just appear more open and socially forward. My focus is now on feeling my own experience. In looking into the eyes of so many, in varying states, each one a unique and a beautiful expression of life force. It’s an honour to share this right now with you!

Thank you Melbourne. I love you!

M-2-M is a journal of the moment to moment practice of a modern day Shaman.

I’m for something and against nothing, embracing what is and expressing myself with integrity.


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