M-2-M – How Vibration Rolls – 2013/11/15

I was recently asked to expand on a comment I made about offensive jokes being a “vibrational thing”. Todays blog is taken from those comments.
In short, you can feel it in your body when something is loving and when it’s not, and we create more of what we feel.
My current “moment to moment” practice is feeling for integrity and nurturing emotions that resonate with that.


Yeah, people do their best with what they have.
It’s all about awareness. Many people don’t realise that emotions and sensations are a way we perceive vibration and energy (aka vibe). Through the body, we can tell if something feels like loving integrity or discomfort. Pain can be a beautiful teacher but it’s painful. 😉
Many people aren’t aware of their vibe or it’s impact. If we choose to speak, act and feel with a vibe of separation, lack and fear we create more of that. If we choose to cultivate love, gratitude and unity it has a ripple effect of creation too. Saying that, open hearted Laughter is up there with Tears and Gratitude for manifestation power… It feels great. With awareness we can make clear choices and a still mind helps to feel the richness of each moment.

We create what we feel and in my experience the more loving, strong and sustained the emotion, the more profound the effects are.
With this in mind, I prefer to be for something and against nothing. What is, is and this mind doesn’t have the perspective to understand the teachers in things that some people judge as good or bad. I accept and love every moment as it is, and choose to focus on heartfelt service of happiness for all.

Loving discernment feels good in my body. A loving “no” is delightfully beautiful. I’ve found loving communication with compassionate and proactive action towards shared happiness to be very effective. The whole vibration based manifestation thing again. 🙂
It’s only when we run mental stories of judgement or attachment and lose inner peace that our vibe causes the old “What we resist persists” to come into play. I would rewrite that saying to “What we feel persists”.

I feel compassion for your friend. Do you think they’d be interested in doing an awareness experiment to feel the vibration that different jokes carry? 😀



  1. True, I see some very offensive jokes posted on FB, and they do effect your mood, makes you wonder about the mentality of some people, they think they are being funny, but they are not thinking of others it may effect

  2. Yeah, we do our best with what we know. Many people are numb or just don’t understand what’s happening in their bodies as they act.

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