M-2-M – Integrity Awareness – 2013/Nov/19

I’ve been practicing integrity awareness as a walking meditation for a while now. It involves just feeling for integrity in every thought, emotion and action. Integrity feels like an alignment with nature. It always resonates with love and flows in the direction of my passion and purpose. I’ve noticed it involves a genuine honouring of this body and environment. This practice has opened into a very deep and honest awareness of my experience. As I consistently apply it to my life it becomes a more natural way to live.

There is no longer anywhere to run or hide from conscious awareness. Any urge to distract myself or go to sleep is quickly exposed for what it is. As a distraction is seen, it’s just loved and experienced fully in the moment. Distractions often don’t feel like integrity and I can see the pattern it is based on. I see the core emotions behind it and can make a choice based on a clear perspective. Saying this all choices are perfect from moment to moment. When I choose integrity it feels like riding a wave of exhilaration or allowing myself to be dragged downstream by a nurturing and supportive river.

Examples of distractions I’ve felt in the last few days are wanting to drug myself with TV, google and facebook. These are really just mental stories wrapped around an urge. They are a low priority but my body and mind had me convinced for a second that I should indulge in them. I felt and explored these urges being honest and embracing of the experience. Sometimes these surprise me, and do feel like integrity or intuition, but it’s rare. In this case the urges feel like they’re asking me to rest with a hint of stepping back from my fullest expression. I’m not used to having TV around, but I’m glad it gifted me these realisations. Rather than the immediate release of TV or the internet, it feels more like integrity to put on some music, sleep or meditate. Today integrity has felt like meditation, music, writing, connecting deeply with those around me and playing with the dog. I’m glad my body guided me to the entertainment unit so that I could pick out Snatam Kaur as the soundtrack for a day packed with a loving and inspiring flow of service.

My experience is clear and loud!
I honestly see what I feel, I accept now and choose integrity.
Follow your heart!


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