We are honoured to share these links to amazing people, products and groups.
They all provide beautiful service for us all.

13 Weeks to Awakening 13 Weeks to Awakening
Written by our friendly neighbourhood Shaman (Ian Peric).
This is a workbook to help people find their own way to lasting happiness.
Angela Ai Angela Ai
Singer/Songwriter/Actress and Workshop facilitator
The Esalen institute Esalen
Spiritual community / Retreat centre
Raise the Vibration Raise the Vibration
A Yogic, Reiki and Native American fusion of ceremony, treatments and audio/video projects.
S.O.S. Tibet-India-Nepal S.O.S. Tibet-India-Nepal
Training, medicine and support for Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese communities.
Star Knowledge Conference Star Knowledge Conference
Bringing ancient Native wisdom of the Earth and Star Nations to the People.
The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution
Imagine a TED Conference crossed with an interview with a yogi.