Episode 6: Holding Space

Hi all!! This week we talk about the art of holding space.

Holding space is the practice of being fully present for someone to process their physical and emotional experiences, with no judgement and clear ground rules for communication.

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Warning: this podcast contains adult language and content, listener discretion is advised.

Practice tips:

Be mindful of how saying something out loud changes things for you. Does it clarify the topic or make it real?

Be mindful of how interactions feel when you hold space for someone with no attachment to the other person’s outcome.

Holding space:

  • This process requires trust. Keep all the details confidential unless permission is given by the person being held.
  • Honour the wishes of the person you are holding space for.
  • Allow and encourage them to intuit their own answers.
  • Totally accept everything that is said. You may ask questions to deepen clarity, if that is part of the ground rules.
  • Mirror or repeat/re-frame key things that are said/expressed.
  • Stay fully present by practicing active listening.
  • Open your heart in compassion for the other.

Being held:

  • Ask someone you trust to hold space for you to process your experience.
  • Be clear with where you are at and what do you need in the moment.
  • Establish ground rules and be rigorous in upholding them.
  • Sit in your integrity and communicate honestly.
  • Express yourself however feels right to you. Laughing, crying and screaming are okay!
  • Take your time and allow yourself to feel what you feel, fully.
  • Just get it out. You may need to repeat specific thoughts, feelings or perspectives a few times before it feels like an accurate expression.

Practice gently letting go of resistance and resentment from your past. It is all a perfect gift as it is. Choose to move forward and do your best from here.

Making comments on things (ie Twitter):

  • Be specific on what is going to be commented on.
  • Go in with an open heart looking for a solution or positive release.
  • Do it from the beginning.

These are some of our favorite Yoga studios:

Shout outs:
La Pila: Workshops, personal retreats meditation and growth.

24 Foundation: Los Angeles based non-profit youth organization using creativity as a catalyst for change.

Raise the Vibration (RTV): A spiritual organization headed by Nicole Duran and the RTV team, based in Phoenix, AZ.

Chief Golden Light Eagle and The Star Knowledge Conference:
The conference brings ancient Native wisdom of the Earth and Star Nations to the People:

Esalen Institute: We love you Esalen! Check out this magical place:

Camille Lucy: Pet adoption and personal development in Long Island, NY. (currently under construction)

Canvas Warriors: Hand painted Converse shoes from the UK, available for purchase online.

Inquiri: Los Angeles based ambient electronic music:

Featuring: Original compositions by Josh Kane




  1. I really enjoyed this episode. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences. Holding space is so meaningful for the person sharing and for the person holding space and your suggestions for how to communicate well and effectively are very valuable. It takes practice to have an open heart coming into these types of interactions. Thank you, Ian and Josh.

    Also, I think you should put this on a T-shirt:

    “Put THAT on a T-shirt”
    – The Rockstar

  2. Thanks for listening.
    It’s great to hear that you like the show, It’s always an honour to serve.

    I LOVE the t-shirt idea! That may happen really soon.
    I’ll let you know as soon as I have it printed. 🙂

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