Episode 31: Self Importance – Movement Meditation – Part 2 of 4

Welcome everyone!

This weeks episode is a talk on self importance and how to move through trying situations with grace and humility.

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  1. Deva Veronica says:

    Hi guys!
    Thank you for this episode! I really much appreciated the starting meditation…<3

    I must say thank you to Josh for providing so delicate music background (thank you for your energy in playing the same thing all the time… i felt like it was really preciously driving my meditation). And i must say thank you to Ian for leading the meditation so deep and so sweet, with much care and clean focus.
    It really led me in such stillness, quite space.
    I'm sorry i didn't listen to the entire episode…
    but i'm taking the second round of the starting meditation today, as an additional stage to my daily "108 Gayatri mantra" Meditation….

    So, again, thank you guys for sharing!


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