Episode 3: Choose Yes!

THIS WEEK the talented and wise Angela Ai is our featured guest, sharing with us the tools for making healthier, more authentic choices. Angela shares her beautiful musical talent with us as well!

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Warning: this podcast contains adult language and content, listener discretion is advised.

Angela Ai

Angela Ai:
Singer/Songwriter/Actress and Workshop facilitator.

Angela Ai is a Radical Aliveness / Core energetics certified practitioner.

She runs life-changing artist workshops, artist groups and one-on-one sessions in and around the LA area.

Her specialty is helping blocked artists shine. If that’s you, check out her website:

Thank you for sharing so deeply and dropping so much profound wisdom. We love you Angela Ai !

We do a guided meditation designed to deepen awareness. Please, no driving or heavy machinery during this!
We “check in” together and share how we feel today and dive into choice.




  1. Catharina Halmedal says:

    What a fantastic program!
    To Ian; would like to hear you in a full meditation recording -your voice is very comfortable to listen to, and with the right music it is just perfect. It makes me want to fly beyond what the eye can see…. I actually cried during the last meditation, feeling I was clearing and releasing what was to be cleared and released.

    I like the personal aspects of the program, hearing your thoughts about life and personal struggles. Though, I have difficult to stay focused all the time…
    I don’t know if it is possible, but an idea would be to have an alternative podcast with some music in it. I actually don’t mind what kind of music, but would appreciate some time for reflection within the program. Josh? =)

    And Angela, beautiful stories…

    Thank you all <3

    I hope that you keep doing what you're doing!

    • Thank you for listening, I’m glad you enjoy the show.

      We really appreciate the great feedback.

      I have the tools to do some things with recording. I am recording meditations for youtube over the next few days.
      I’ll record some longer audio ones that we can mix some music into later. I’ll let you know as soon as they are available.

      Great idea with the time for reflection. We are mindful of the show length and are currently moving towards shorter shows. I’ll talk to Josh about reflection time. 🙂

      We all really appreciate the feedback and love you send,
      Ian (The Shaman).

  2. uhhuhherfan75 says:

    Hi I have been doing the meditations , but still finding it hard to feel something.

  3. Deva Veronica says:

    Hi Ian, Josh and Angela

    i’m experiencing wonderful listenings of “Th Shaman and the Rockstar” these days, i knew about it when i met Ian in La Pila (Italy), sharing his 13 Weeks to Awakening work (oh what a great, awesome experience!!! still riding that wave!!!).
    I’d like to share a bit of my own experience, cause some parts of this episode really touched me.

    First of all, i enjoyed a lot the starting meditation, and i kept on listening from that space, feeling very relaxed and (as i’m feeling these days so strongly) sooo guided 🙂

    Then, was really interesting to listen to all your sharings, discovering many experiences i had are very similar…
    Many years ago i left my career as fashion designer all of a sudden (well, i was not happy and with this strange feeling of longing, like my true passion was somewhere else…). Still i was hesitating, and just to ease the pain (and because a voice in my mind kept on saying: find your Master! find your Master! even if i didn’t know what it was about) i started a Kundalini Yoga course, a Karmic Astrology course, lots of meditation experiences, different kind of therapy trainings and workshops, etc…. and without knowing, i was building up my forces to jump into the unknown… i was getting closer and closer to the point where being in that job was no longer bearable…
    I also started a singing class course, keeping the secret from my family and friends, and even that, i didn’t know why i was keeping the secret, it was just again this “voice” in me telling to protect this experience, to drink it all by myself… now i know it was just as a very, very delicate flower starting to blossom (as Angela said: it’s important, you must be very delicate with yourself, always!).
    In 2009 my young music teacher died in a car accident, she was so talented and amazing, a rising star… and during the funeral…again…that “voice” inside me was screaming: the Music Veronica! the Music!!!! over and over….
    I quit the job few days after that day…
    From that day many things have happened, too long to say, but i’m living SO FULLY!
    i’m still on my way, on my path, learning and discovering new things every day, exploring creativity and inner power, being so much blessed with gifts, experiences, friends, contacts, opportunities, also with hard times and dark nights, getting more and more “a close friend” with “that voice”…
    Even better… that Voice now is the core of my work, of my creativity, of my projects, into music, into music therapy, into channelling Angels messages for babies, it’s all from that Voice….and i’m so Thankful!!!

    Last thing, guys:
    I really enjoyed your beautiful energies and sharings, was such a pleasure to listen, and i made my stretching exercises keep on listening, having so many insights, and smiles 🙂

    so..finally…i’m here, happy to share…

    A big hug full of Joy,

  4. Thank you so much for sharing darling. It’s touching to hear how much you enjoy the show.

    What a journey you have walked!
    Congratulations for listening to your intuition and following your heart.
    I feel blessed to be one of the people lucky enough witness you expressing your amazing talents. It’s such an honour to see you shine Veronica.

    Hugging you right back.

    • Deva Veronica says:

      Thanks Us <3

      It's true, it's an honor to see and listen to all of us shine and share..
      to me, especially through music, singing, laughing and through any unique aspect of each one's Creativity.

      Biggest hug full of Joy,

      hope my english makes sense 😉

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