Episode 25: Meditation Part 4 of 4 (Applied Meditation)

For todays episode we have a New Years GIVEAWAY!
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The question is:

Embedded in our theme song is a sample of some dialogue from an old movie, between a boy, an old man and an officer. Tell us, what is it they refer to as “a young man’s game”? Bonus points for anyone who can also identify the meaning of the dialogue as it relates to this week’s show.

(it’s a Two Parter

Happy Friday fellow rockstars and shamans, and all else in between!!! Enjoy this episode as we close up our 4 part discussion on applied meditation.

We have a choice.

Does it all have to be right now? Patience is a virtue and a practice. It’s ok to say no sometimes. It’s ok to not be sure. Just sit with it. Wouldn’t now be a good time to love yourself?

We have a choice.

Each new year, we think about things we’d like to change. Cycles end and beginnings fill our winter hearts for the ramp into spring. It’s easy to get caught up in the long view at a time like this. caught up in Stories of the future, stories of what we must let go of in the past, and how we expect to change and improve in the coming months.

We have a choice.

Judgement, Assumption and Expectation. Judgement of right and wrong. Assumptions about who, what, when or why. Expecting the best, or the worst. How do your stories change the way you feel?

All, a story. All, a choice.

All the little voices of the story, and you decide the plot. The mind can function constructively and even thrive without the negative uses of these three tools. It will happen from time to time, and that’s when the practices of patience and self love have to combine with your doubts or your stories and bring you back to now. to serving what is.

We have a choice.

It takes awareness to HAVE that choice, but we DO have a choice. Todays show is about practicing meditation as part of your moment to moment lifestyle. Dealing with urges, discomforts equally as pleasures and laughs. no better or worse, differentness or sameness. All perfect. All as it should be, as it is.

Welcome everyone to this weeks episode of tsatr

Happy New Year!!
New Years is a point in time that we can use as a stable place from which to get some perspective.

Patterns from last year. What matters for you now? Habit patterns, practice, passion and inspiration.
Our focus, intention and intention have a powerful impact on life. One day of focused practice changes how you feel. This has a cumulative effect over time as we consistently practice and build the habit of feeling a certain way.

These are some other things we talk about today:

  • Noticing the difference between the experience, and the story about the experience.
  • Watching the storyteller… Mindfulness.
  • The practice becoming something that helps you serve to your fullest.
  • Discomforts/Urges looking at any time we are not at peace with now.
  • Distractions from now, is this a constructive use of storytelling, and action?
  • Attention -> Intention -> Invention.
  • Playing music and being creative, ways to carry on a practice and release in times of doubt or struggle to find stillness.

Choosing to enjoy. Choosing to seek what makes YOU comfortable, fills YOUR heart with purpose and delight. The delight of working hard and showing up. Feeling your heart, guiding the light within.

Temptation and desire are both an impetus in choice, and we can’t make clear choices until we get clear on what our temptations and desires are and how they affect our experience and visioning choices as future decisions, weighing one against the other. What feels like integrity? This practice can be applied to just about anything.

No matter what you do, do it in awareness. Or not!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Josh Kane for sharing your amazing music… Thank you!




  1. Aish (@Uhhuhherfan75) says:

    Thats was inspiring, The answer to the question , can’t really hear it, But i think its from the movie The Prestige, maybe wrong , Obsession is a young man’s game , Awareness, choices in the here and now in your day to day life and using meditation as part of that, Probably wrong, I am not good at explaining thing.

    Happy New Year 🙂

    • k1c4admin says:

      Hey Aish!!!

      Thank you for your response!!!! So close, but incorrect I’m afraid!! In the show we do discuss meditation and daily life, this however is a more specific reference. It’s from a movie called “Beyond Tomorrow”… that’s another hint for ya’…keep digging’ 🙂 I will most definitely send you a copy of the manuscript though, of course.

      Just have to wait and see who gets it!!! I’ll go post something to fb now. Very disenchanted by technology these days. MUST BLOG!!! 🙂

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