Episode 2: Forgiveness

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This week is jam packed with dialogue around forgiveness of others and yourself. This can be an extremely sensitive topic so try to keep an open mind towards the show and your own experience as you listen.  If resistance starts to surface and you feel comfortable sharing, we would love to hear about it.  Let us know if you are comfortable with us sharing your story during the show as an example, and if you would prefer to be anonymous or use a secret agent code-name…like Eagle Eye.  🙂

Keep in mind each episode is pre-recorded.  Episode 2 was taped the day after the George Zimmerman verdict was released.

Do you or someone you know want to be a guest on the show?  We would love to hear from you! You can contact us via comments, contact us, facebook and twitter.

Note: Rather than giving you direct advice we will likely find a way to help you help yourself.

Warning: this podcast contains adult language and content, listener discretion is advised.
Thank you to Marko from Serbia your time, wisdom and the sound bite.

In this show we have a brief guided meditation designed to relax the mind and help ease un-wanted tension. (No driving or heavy machinery during this!)

We also “check in” to share how we feel today and then move into forgiveness.

In this episode, Ian and Josh talk about:

  • “There has to be a readiness to forgive.” ~ Rockstar

  • “Feeling compassion for everyone’s perspectives and opinions on the whole forgiveness issue in general” ~ Shaman

  • The Trayvon Martin shooting trial, and other incidents.

  • What are people paying attention to?

  • What “should” they be paying attention to?

  • Does it really matter?

  • How do we decide?

  • How can we serve?

  • Everyone has a unique perspective on everything. This becomes clear with an event like the Trayvon Martin shooting.

  • Some people can use events in the media as an excuse to act on existing resentment.

  • It’s important to be honest and accepting of yourself. Forgive yourself for not having all the information.

  • Forgiveness is the understanding the there was nothing to forgive in the first place.

  • Many people perceive through their own suffering, and then project based on that.

  • There are two issues here, forgiveness of the event and the stories around it.

  • Josh spoke about Byron Katie’s “The Work”. Can you be sure that it’s true?

  • “Things are only scary when you run from them” ~ Shaman

  • “Meditation is like a new pair of underwear. At first it’s constraining, and then it becomes part of you” ~ Rockstar

  • “The system that really needs to be looked at is the system of our own thoughts!” ~ Rockstar

  • People have habitual perceptions. This taints how they interpret what they see.

  • There can be safety in numbers with some of this aggressive, perception based action.

  • Why is everybody not grieving for Treyvon? Actually, have you ever really grieved and forgiven the deaths of the people that have influenced your life?

  • When people come to Josh for help, he often keeps in mind: “I don’t have anything to do with it, my service is to help them see their own answers”.

  • Native ceremony, meditation and discussions are often focused on empowering people to find their own answers. This involved mirror holding, repeating what someone says, telling stories, not giving them answers at times, forcing them to step up for themselves. It’s all intuitive.

  • Ian forgiving his father for passing away at such an early age.

  • Josh talks about his forgiveness practice when leaving “SoulBleed”.

  • “It was the awareness coupled with the resentment and suffering that forced me into forgiveness” ~ Shaman

  • “I am me, and I am alive. I’m experiencing something, and I can’t assume to know what it is anymore. I do have a choice on what I do in this next moment.” ~ Rockstar

  • “When the comfortable suffering stops being comfortable that’s often when big shifts happen” ~ Shaman

Byron  Katie:

Josh spoke about Byron Katie’s “The Work”, it can be found at:



An awesome SoCal metal band!


Pink Floyd:

‘Comfortably Numb’

It is such a powerful song:


Original compositions by Josh Kane

Meditation tips:

  • Can you sit with your grievances and feel the effects they have. How do they affect you? How do they affect others?

  • People often honour their stories as being truth and use that to filter their perception. Being mindful of your perception is a very powerful practice.

  • Emotions (Energies in motion) tend to stay as long as we hold on and get caught up in them. What does it feel like to get present and fully experience them?  What happens when you give them space to move?

  • Allow a practice like the drums or singing to take over and allow yourself to process things. Be aware of what is coming up in your practice.

  • How might your perspective be biased based on what you’ve been taught or how you were raised?

  • If you notice a feeling of insecurity come through during meditation, ask yourself: “Am I simply sitting still and running the story of being attacked? Is it the situation or the story causing attack?”

  • Find a powerful emotion and sit with it.

  • Use stillness and breath as valuable tools for deeply and gently exploring your experiences of resentment and discomfort.

  • What are you conditioned to believe safety is?

  • Is this true? How am I building this story? How is this affecting my life? What am I carrying? Are there teachers in this discomfort offering me opportunities to learn, release and grow?


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