Episode 14: Dream Medicine

Hello again, we’re back this week to talk about Dreaming. Dreams while you sleep and when you’re awake.
Josh shares some Rockstar insights into following dreams, achieving them and what you can expect when you’re living your dream life.

Ian delves into the Shamanic world of sleeping dreams and gives an overview of the science of conscious dreaming that Native cultures have been refining or thousands of years.

Thank you to C.S. Novice for suggesting this topic.

– What is your experience with dreaming?  
– What dreams have stood out to you?
– Do you want our insights into a dream?

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This week’s episode of TSATR features music by Josh kane, Bob Marley and Steve Rushton.

We recorded this one via Skype with Josh in Los Angeles, CA and Ian at his old home, the Gold Coast in Australia.



  1. Hi there — Just to tell you both that you’re wonderfully inspiring young men — and I’m glad to know you. Thank you for sharing your truths and vulnerability in such a powerful way — inspiring and energising to listen to your connections. Big hug from Geneva. Lydia

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