Episode 10: Sacred Sex

Welcome back, fellow Shamans and Rockstars!!

This week’s episode focuses on S-E-X!! And not just, ya’ know, doin’ it. 🙂

Ian and Josh take a heartfelt look at their own development as men and the role of sexuality in making choices, cultivating spiritual practices, healthy (and sometimes not-so-healthy) relationships and focused personal growth/well-being.

Also, what role do pornography, internet dating and advertising play in our modern world? How can we begin a more open and right-minded discussion on topics like homosexuality and marrying outside our faith?

Join the discussion!! Talk about sex! Leave us a comment or contact us!! This is a dynamic topic with a driving direction in our current social model of relationships and personal identity and we would love to know where you stand. As always, try to be for something and against nothing. What are your best hopes for the future of sexual dialogue and evolution?

Thanks for checking out TSATR on your way to and from wherever you’re at in this beautiful life. Enjoy the discussion, and remember: Spirit’s got your back!!


~ shmn/rckstr




This episode was recorded via skype from Los Angeles, CA and London, UK.

*All original music written, recorded and performed by Josh Kane.  For more info on Josh’s music and Ian’s book “13 Weeks To Awakening”, send us an email via the “contact us” link above.

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Spirit’s got your back, and so do we.



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  2. Thanks for sharing and servicing with the community!
    If we can help to help raise awareness of your project please let us know.

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