The Double D – 1/7/14 – ‘Skannecticut’

PUSH PLAY TWICE, one at a time, for extended DRUM SOLO SOUNDS via IPHONE VOICE RECORDER.  IGNORE these tags: SOUND QUALITY and tuning/hihat distortion, if you can.  🙂

I’m noticing myself not wanting to explain my playing any more.  You’ll hear what you hear, and that’s the subject of this blog.

A new piece…many new pieces of myself

finding their way into my drums, and coming alive

Am I scared?  Do I know YET!!!!!!!!??????????


Here’s what I know:

I am gearing up to release A LOT of music.  It’s that time.

I played drums today and them there recordings up thurr’z what it sounded like on the floor inside an iPhone.

These words, right now, came through some struggle.  Looking at the computer, sitting and translating the thought process AS I AM ASKING MYSELF not to look at thoughts…analysis.  I wanna be as the music is now.  Always, now.  Part of the rhythm, above the chaos of struggle and unresolved fears or negative emotions.  For some reason, typing and computers are out of that flow for me.

And, not above it in the sense that there is lack of compassion.  Above it as a high C is above a low C, and the two notes can vibrate at the same time.  like many drums hitting all at the same time, thoughts can be a barrage.  Constant explanation and analysis, and for what?  Just to survive, and hopefully not eat nuclear fish and broccoli, or be killed by traffic of Melrose, rebel forces or one of our own law enforcement officials simply for saying kindly, “No!  I am above having a conversation like this with you, and you are too!!”    Everyone’s got their story, their past.  We need to see each other as brand new and UNLEARN habits that guide us to attach stories to the other person.  More on this some other time….


voice in motion at a high vibration in my mind, meaning it is making sound(sense)in my bodymind as an intention…the feeling of it, the smell and sense of it, everything.  I replace the drummer with the voice of THAT AFTER I am certain the input signal for the voice is running from the HEART.  and it reminds me to push my frequency upwards in octaves so that I may rest in a higher vibration and still be (moment to moment) in or out of total harmony with what’s happening.  Good or bad.  Always focused on unison, trust is the purpose guiding our step.

Great connection made today between analysis and judgement, related to how we show up and serve in the moment.  As Peter might say, “make an offer to the other person, and say yes!”  Still learning…so much.  Thanks Grace!

I’m running a contest to do a bit of promo for a book of poetry I completed recently.  I would have made an event page on fb by now, however I am pretty much only using Facebook for upkeep.  Listen to the recent episode, “Meditation, Pt.4” and the track that comes in between the intro talking and the meditation has a sampled dialogue from a movie between a boy, an officer and an old man.  Tell me, what is it they refer to as ‘a young man’s game’?  Bonus points if you provide some theory as to why the sample is relevant to our work.

(Note To Self and others: Finish Your Book.  Get Your Book Copyrighted.  Time is not for wasting! {Manly P. Hall})

A Daily Discomfort, hence the name Double D.  Yet, I have been far from daily in much else but the word of music.  Inward is a slippery slope friends.  in meditation where the closest I come to silence is some duration of total.stillness. not even a breath. the rhythm of the moment, that voice is becoming a drum set.  And when actual drums are in front of me, you can hear the voice, in my head, at that moment and make absolutely ZERO mistake as to what I am saying, in LIFE.  At That moment, knowing occurs between us.

story.  🙂 That whole personal perspective is based on conditioned patterns of decision making.

You, me, and the drummer makes free tonight.

discomfort feels good when there’s other places it can live in that moment besides my chest or lungs or toes.  Maybe it lives in my snare drum, or in my bike, or cooking a delicious meal.  Calling up some friends and just enjoying knowing each other in peace.  Encouraging each other to keep learning….keep teaching…..


Please check out the latest episode.  It’s some of our best work yet.  Thank you Aish for your response in the contest, and Ian for all your hard work and consistently generous and dynamic teachings.


May all that has been shared between us today be for the benefit of both of us and all those involved, for the next seven generations to come.  Aho.





Episode 24: Meditation Part 3 of 4 (Building Your ToolKit)

The inner state of meditation is always there and we can reach it at any time, from any place and under any condition.

Research into various lines of meditation, martial arts and religious studies reveals a vast resource of knowledge on documented practices by “professional sitters”, yogis, and elders of the faith.

To help ease the path to these inner states, gently allow your intuition to welcome people and places that enhance this knowledge and welcome some real quiet time.

Be mindful of attachment! Each time, each person, each place can AND will have a different tool that feels right in that now. Listen to your heart, and the choice is already made.

Sit still for a while. Or: Choose one thing, and just do that right now. Until you’re done. Do it fully. If you choose the mala, be one with the mala. Let the outside world fade away. Really smell that familiar time and place, really touch their hands and hear the sounds around you. Those are simply select examples to give you an idea of the fullness we hope you will dig for in this experience. And then, when you’re ready, just let it all go and be still.


check in (brief)

These are all yanas, or vehicles. They are powerful and very useful but be mindful of any dependance on them. They are not compulsory. Meditate without them from time to time and see what happens.

Singing Bowl.
Sacred space and places.
Altar/medicine wheel.
A familiar time and place.
Guided Meditation.
Sharing meditative state.
Meditation in groups.
Crystals, amulets, items.
Light clothing, or something familiar with sitting.
Meditation seat or cushion.
Teas and other plant medicines.
Sacred Geometry.
Kriya: breath, movement, mudra, mantra, visualisation, asana (yoga).

Time in Silence

Vision Quest
Ordeal ceremonies (buried, bound, uncomfortable or other self importance breakers)
fixed gear biking

notice the difference between depth and distraction using meditation tools this week. We ask ourselves, “Is this serving now?” remember, its all perfect.

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Your day will be exactly what it’s meant to be!!!


Ian takes you through is Shamanic Toolkit:


Episode 22a: Meditation Part 3a of 4 (Meditation Gear)

This is a preview show, hence the ‘a’ in ’22a’.

We have many tools, practices and ceremonies available to help guide us to and through a range of meditative states. Some are like a spiritual gym, others are powerful healers and they are all perfect in the moment.

The Lakota “Maka Wicahpi Wicohan” symbols I mentioned can be found at one of Chiefs sites: I was using the “straight path” for water blessing this morning.

Enjoy the sit and we’ll see you soon with a full rundown on Meditation aids.