The Double D – It’s So Easy!



Telling stories about others is so easy!  This Double D identifies one very easy story to tell and where it comes from.  Knowing both the origin and the direction is a foundation for logically disproving any theory in favor of separation.  Let’s begin!!


Never in our recorded history have people been so connected.  Information can be easily translated into hundreds of languages and shared with literally millions of people.  In many parts of what some call the ‘civilized world’, that information is free to all PROVIDED they have some desire or motivation to seek it out.  Nowhere does it say that information should be applied in a graceful and moral fashion, but that is a discussion about education and conditioning which we will connect with later.

Given the easy access to information, the story I tell is rooted in this question: “Why are we not collectively making fair and balanced choices that benefit each person, first on the most basic levels and consecutively in the direction of their sustained safety?”  In other words, why do we do dumb shit like let people starve in desolation, then feed them trash (both physically and emotionally/intellectually) just because we are unwilling to share information that would NORMALLY be free to them IF they weren’t enslaved and beaten down by the global “upper class”!?

[ upper class / lower values ]

The telethons about starving kids in Africa have been running for years and years.  Now, we have aftermath stacked upon aftermath of disasters and natural migrations that left people with nothing remotely close to civilized living conditions, and we blame money and communication for both the solution and the chronic delay in fixing these issues, when we know now that there is enough money within a select few “elite” citizens to solve a large portion of THE WORLD’S discomforts.

The story continues with a question for the elite: “What’s wrong with being equal?”  Is that really even the issue for the elite?  Or the ordinary citizen?  Equality?  Or is it some conditioned belief in a philosophical perspective (political/religious in nature) which both sides generally adopt that blocks the groundwork for the previously mentioned formula for equality to be set in motion?

– x – = +

CONCLUSION:  Peace is a global community of humans that pool all resources essential for survival with NO exception.  For every basic need a human has, there is a job to be done.  To see to it that every human has their basic needs met there are only a few really relevant jobs for anyone to HAVE TO do, and then the rest is time for personal development of a creative passion or purpose.  Raising a family properly and responding to disaster and crisis in a timely and effective manner of urgency that only a civilization of people who held none as first or highest could achieve would then be possible, because nothing else would work!!!  Because only in equality can we feel real compassion.  My problems MUST be your problems if we are to share solutions, and my problem would only be your problem if we both needed each other for something, and guess what!!  We do!!  Like food and water and shelter and education and all that “stuff”.  You need my help and I need your help because we are here.  The reason we are alive is to help each other.  It’s the only way to be safe; to know we have “done everything we can”.

Is anyone in the elite willing to model the idea of a unified theory of humanity, and put their wealth on the line first to lay the foundation?  This comes back to that point about education.  Those who know have a responsibility to teach.  The root of having is giving, since all that is is given to us.

Imagine the public response… the praise, the accolade, the sheer power of humility bestowed upon he OR she who giveth their all, to all, by all?  Would you rather be a CEO and prime shareholder bound by the rules of a failing system of war, violence and material levels, or a saint bound by infinite gratitude and divine love for your fellows of humanity with no door locked to you because locks are no longer necessary (FOR ANYONE)?

The elite need everyone else to keep their money working.  Does everyone else need money to keep working for the elite?  Take out the money and all you have left are people.  It’s so easy…


…so the story goes.




~ rckstr


The Double D – Leaving…




‘Gudder’, by Josh Kane – HipHop/Jazz/Bounce

Original music by Josh Kane, featured in the recent episode “Forgiveness, Pt. II”.

Got rhymes? Download this, record your vocals and post it to the website. The topic of the verses must include something about forgiveness. Yayuh!!