M-2-M Wolf Moon Fire Ceremony 2013/Jan/17

It was the full moon of the Wolf last night and fire ceremony was a massive let go with a lot going on.
A hand full of paper pieces with things I’m giving to the fire written on them.
Things to be let go.
Any attachment, resistance or other thing that’s come up in the body recently.

The ceremony was focused on now, being an empty observer of what is in this moment. Gracefully opening into the vastness of now.

I sat down, smudged and created a medicine wheel; Calling in all directions and nations.

Honouring this moon and how it feels. How is Wolf is speaking?

Now I took some time to meditated, feel through the environment and this body.
What is the state of now!?
Adding to my pieces of paper as new tensions that relate to belief or attachment come up.

For my first time during fire ceremony, I heard the Re Man shabad…. hmmmmm….. 15 minutes of chanting this deeply presencing mantra.

I then honoured the fire and began to sit with the experience of each piece of paper. Feel the emotions and saying an open hearted thank you for ………Insert the thing to be LET GO here..…….
I’m ready to let go of this now!
After burning each piece of paper I feel the release and emptiness in the space where this thing used to live.

Closing out with a Lakota medicine song and then sitting in a deep, deep integrated silence.
There is no need to be anywhere but now and I’m eternally grateful to each instant that has delivered now as it is.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

  The Re Man Shabad

  A Video of how I do this ceremony is on it’s way.


Episode 24: Meditation Part 3 of 4 (Building Your ToolKit)

The inner state of meditation is always there and we can reach it at any time, from any place and under any condition.

Research into various lines of meditation, martial arts and religious studies reveals a vast resource of knowledge on documented practices by “professional sitters”, yogis, and elders of the faith.

To help ease the path to these inner states, gently allow your intuition to welcome people and places that enhance this knowledge and welcome some real quiet time.

Be mindful of attachment! Each time, each person, each place can AND will have a different tool that feels right in that now. Listen to your heart, and the choice is already made.

Sit still for a while. Or: Choose one thing, and just do that right now. Until you’re done. Do it fully. If you choose the mala, be one with the mala. Let the outside world fade away. Really smell that familiar time and place, really touch their hands and hear the sounds around you. Those are simply select examples to give you an idea of the fullness we hope you will dig for in this experience. And then, when you’re ready, just let it all go and be still.


check in (brief)

These are all yanas, or vehicles. They are powerful and very useful but be mindful of any dependance on them. They are not compulsory. Meditate without them from time to time and see what happens.

Singing Bowl.
Sacred space and places.
Altar/medicine wheel.
A familiar time and place.
Guided Meditation.
Sharing meditative state.
Meditation in groups.
Crystals, amulets, items.
Light clothing, or something familiar with sitting.
Meditation seat or cushion.
Teas and other plant medicines.
Sacred Geometry.
Kriya: breath, movement, mudra, mantra, visualisation, asana (yoga).

Time in Silence

Vision Quest
Ordeal ceremonies (buried, bound, uncomfortable or other self importance breakers)
fixed gear biking

notice the difference between depth and distraction using meditation tools this week. We ask ourselves, “Is this serving now?” remember, its all perfect.

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Your day will be exactly what it’s meant to be!!!


Ian takes you through is Shamanic Toolkit:


Episode 22a: Meditation Part 3a of 4 (Meditation Gear)

This is a preview show, hence the ‘a’ in ’22a’.

We have many tools, practices and ceremonies available to help guide us to and through a range of meditative states. Some are like a spiritual gym, others are powerful healers and they are all perfect in the moment.

The Lakota “Maka Wicahpi Wicohan” symbols I mentioned can be found at one of Chiefs sites: I was using the “straight path” for water blessing this morning.

Enjoy the sit and we’ll see you soon with a full rundown on Meditation aids.