About Us

The Shaman: a symbol of man’s connection between the living world and the spirit realm. Most commonly associated with Native American and tribal indigenous cultures.

The Rockstar: a symbol of man’s artistic passion and material existence. Most commonly associated with sexuality, wealth and fame.

Welcome to The Shaman And The Rockstar podcast!!! This show is designed to bridge the gaps between ancient traditions and modern existence…with an edge!

Ian Peric (our friendly neighborhood Shaman) and Josh Kane (our friendly neighborhood Rockstar) share their stories, ideas and methods of practice that pull these archetypes out from behind the curtain into mainstream reality.  Topics range from yoga and meditation to sex and hip hop.  It’s a no-nonsense look at where we are as a species and what we can do to raise our conscious awareness by combining old-world practices with new-world attitude.  Yes, we talk about gratitude and unconditional love but we also talk about things that often suck like anger and conditional love.

We’re not your gurus, we’re just two dudes who wanna be happy and take care of all living things equally.

We hope you’ll listen with an open mind and an open heart, and no matter who you are or where you live, with practice and patience YOU can be a friendly neighborhood Shaman or Rockstar too.

Thanks, and enjoy the show!